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Brazilian Portuguese Birth Certificate Translation Services

Have your birth certificate professionally translated and certified by a Brazilian Portuguese translator for only $24.95 per page.

certified brazilian birth certificate translation

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Translate a Brazilian Birth Certificate to English

certified translation of your birth certificate is required if you were born in Brazil and need to use your birth certificate for official purposes in the United States, such as applying for a passport, visa, or driver’s license. U.S. immigration services (USCIS) requires birth certificates to be translated into English to be accepted.

To get a Brazilian birth certificate translated for USCIS, you will need to provide the original Portuguese document, or a scanned copy or photo and make sure that the translation is done by a translator who can provide a certificate of accuracy.

Certified Translation


per page

  • Certification w/ Stamp & Signature
  • Translation by a Professional
  • Express Delivery Available
  • Revisions Included
  • Digital Copy Included
  • Physical Copy (If needed)
  • Notarization Available
  • USCIS Requirements

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