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Work with nationally certified linguists with professional training in language interpretation.

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Our face to face interpreters serve hospitals, courtrooms, law offices, and events of all sizes.


With as little as 24 hours notice, you can book an interpreter for your needs.

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Face to Face Interpreters
for 600+ Languages

LinguaOne offers face to face interpreting services in Spanish, Arabic, Korean, & 600+ languages, including American Sign Language.

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Face to Face Interpretation

Face to face interpreting is ideal for scheduled events, meetings, and appointments, as well as situations where sensitive information will be conveyed, such as bad news being given to a loved one.

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An Interpreting Agency

LinguaOne is an interpreting agency with a network of face to face interpreters who are trained to provide professional interpreting services.

Our interpreters are typically linguists with a degree in the language that they interpret and may have national certification for interpretation in specific fields such as, medical interpreting or court interpreting.

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20 Years of Face to Face Interpreting

Since 2002, we’ve provided face to face interpretation services done by professional interpreters for clients in immigration, law, education, healthcare, and business.

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Thanks to LinguaOne, the American passport process for my son was a little easier. I will definitely recommend this company to my acquaintances.
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Leidy O.
I've used LinguaOne at my workplace. It's a great interpretation company and their staff are very friendly and patient as the calls they are interpeting can get kind of long. Highly Recommend!
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Tim F.
A great place to be interpreted in several languages, very professional staff and great treatment. The Manager is a nice and great person. I recommend it.
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Rejilla C.


Interpretation is the transfer of speech from one language to another, whereas translation is the conversion of written text between two languages.

A professional interpreter is trained to meaningfully transfer speech from one language to another while applying techniques in real time to account for faster speech or unknown terms being used by the speaker.

Medical interpreters traditionally assist hospitals, clinics, or doctor’s offices by interpreting between patients and staff in various situations including, women in labor, emergency surgeries, day surgeries, and dental visits. 

Our on-call medical interpreters are asked to be at the hospital in 30 minutes or less after being requested. 

Meanwhile, hospital staff can connect in seconds with a video remote interpreter or telephonic interpreter until the on-call interpreter arrives.

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