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LinguaOne provides professional interpreting for companies and organizations in Mankato. Our network includes qualified interpreters in over 300 languages, including ASL.

Mankato certified translation interpretation services

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Interpreting Services for Mankato

LinguaOne offers top-tier interpretation services, essential for real-time communication in various settings in Mankato. Our team is equipped to handle a range of interpretation needs, from business meetings to medical appointments. We provide telephone interpretation and video remote interpretation, ensuring clear communication regardless of location. Whether it’s for conferences, events, or appointments, our interpreters are ready to facilitate understanding in over two hundred languages.


Ensure real-time understanding across languages with professional interpreting to facilitate international dialogues.

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Industries We Serve in Mankato

At LinguaOne, we cater to a wide array of industries in Mankato by tailoring our services to meet the unique demands of each sector. Our expertise spans across education, business, legal, and medical fields, ensuring top-notch interpretations for various professional needs.


LinguaOne provides vital interpretation in the education sector, enhancing communication for academic institutions, educators, students, and parents.


We support businesses in Mankato with specialized interpretation, enabling local and international enterprises to thrive in the global market.

Our legal interpreting language are essential for law firms, courts, and legal processes, ensuring accurate and trustworthy communication in the legal domain.


In the healthcare sector, LinguaOne offers professional interpretation, which are critical for patient-provider interactions, medical documentation, and assisting Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients.

Professional Linguists

Services We Offer in Mankato

LinguaOne delivers a full range of services, including real-time interpretation, and industry-specific solutions to meet diverse needs in Mankato.


We provide interpreting services to facilitate direct communication for meetings, medical appointments, and legal proceedings.

Over the Phone

Our over-the-phone interpreting services are perfect for quick, on-demand communication in various languages.

Video Remote

Video remote interpretation combines the personal touch of live interpreting with the convenience of remote accessibility.


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If you need interpreters in Minnesota, LinguaOne provides services tailored for various industries.