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Translators & Interpreters

LinguaOne offers professional translation and interpretation services such as court interpreting & certified medical translators for Spanish, ASL, & 600+ languages.

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We provide certified translators for immigration, legal, and medical translations & more in English, Arabic, Korean, Mandarin, and many other languages.

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Our interpreters serve as certified medical interpreters, conference interpreters, and court interpreters with face to face, over the phone, or VRI interpreting.

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Guaranteed Accuracy

ATA Certified Translators
Work For You

LinguaOne translators are members of the American Translator’s Association (ATA) and are also native or near-native speakers to ensure accurate translation services.

  • Certified Translators
  • Native Speakers
  • Accurate Translations
Trained and Vetted

Work With Professional Interpreters

LinguaOne interpreters are certified to provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services and have passed background checks to verify their ethics and qualifications.

  • Polish Interpreters
  • Farsi Interpreters
  • Cantonese Interpreters
  • & 300+ Languages
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Never Limited

600+ Languages Supported

We translate and interpret for over 600 languages, including rare languages, and offer American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

  • Over 600 Languages
  • Rare Languages Supported
  • ASL Available
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A Translation & Interpreting Agency

Located in Minnesota, LinguaOne is an agency with a network of over 10,000 native translators and interpreters providing translation and interpretation services 24/7.

Trusted By The Best

20 Years of Translating & Interpreting

Since 2002, we’ve provided translation and interpreting services for clients in healthcare, immigration, education, business, and law across the US and around the world.

Satisfied Customers
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Dave Spangenberg
Dave Spangenberg
October 17, 2022.
Thank you for your help with our SOP project
Sandra “monkeydo” Cheney
Sandra “monkeydo” Cheney
May 15, 2021.
This business person was very prompt in all responses and her translators did an excellent job in a short amount of time. I would use her firm again!
Tessa Donato
Tessa Donato
May 15, 2021.
Excellent translation and interpretation services in over 300 languages via telephone, in person, and video!
Ross Lund
Ross Lund
July 24, 2020.
Lingua One offers Face-to-Face Interpretation, Video Remote Interpretation, Telephonic Interpretation, Employee Interpreter Training, Language Classes, Cultural Meditation & Consultation and more. With over 300 supported languages, they can help you with all of your needs.
Leidy Osorio
Leidy Osorio
July 15, 2018.
Gracias a Lingual One el proceso de pasaporte Americano para mi hijo fue un poco mas facil. Definitivamente le reconendare esta compañia a mis conocidos. Gracias Lingual One
Tim Flynn
Tim Flynn
February 9, 2018.
I've used LinguaOne at my workplace. It's a great interpretation company and their staff are very friendly and patient as the calls they are interpeting can get kind of long. Highly Recommend!!!
Rejilla Anea Mimbre Caña
Rejilla Anea Mimbre Caña
June 4, 2017.
Un sitio estupendo para que te hagan de intérprete en varios idiomas, personal muy profesional y trato estupendo. La Gerente es una persona amable y estupenda Lo recomiendo

Interpretation is the transfer of speech from one language to another, whereas translation is the conversion of written text between two languages.

A professional interpreter is trained to meaningfully transfer speech from one language to another while applying techniques in real time to account for faster speech or unknown terms being used by the speaker.

Professional interpreters are typically linguists with a degree in the language that they interpret and may have national certification for interpretation in specific fields such as, medical interpreting or court interpreting.

Certified translators are individuals who have passed an official exam to determine their ability to accurately convert writing from one language to another.

LinguaOne translators are often linguists with a degree in the language they are translating and have typically traveled significantly abroad or lived in the country where the language is spoken as well.

Medical interpreters traditionally assist hospitals, clinics, or doctor’s offices by interpreting between patients and staff in various situations including, women in labor, emergency surgeries, day surgeries, and dental visits. 

Our on-call medical interpreters are asked to be at the hospital in 30 minutes or less after being requested. 

Meanwhile, hospital staff can connect in seconds with a video remote interpreter or telephonic interpreter until the on-call interpreter arrives.

One-page documents such as standard birth certificates and marriage certificates typically range from $60 to $90.

For multi-page documents, the cost will depend on several factors including the document’s word count, how common the language combination is, the amount of special formatting required, and the level of specialization needed for the subject.

One-page documents are typically delivered in 1 to 3 days.

For multi-page documents, the turnaround time will vary depending on the length and complexity of the document.

If you need your document delivered in less than 24 hours, we offer an expedited translation service for a fee of $150.

We will need to review your documents to provide a final quote. However, you can request a translation estimate by providing the following document information:

  • Word or Page count
  • Source language
  • Target language
  • Subject matter

Every document is reviewed, edited, and proofread by a certified translator with extensive training in the field of professional translation to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality translation possible. 

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