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LinguaOne, Inc. (LinguaOne) is a translation and interpretation agency offering certified document translation, document courier services, on-site and on-demand telephonic and video interpretation services, and interpreter training. 

LinguaOne provides translation and interpretation services for clients in agriculture, business, dental, education, endodontics, hospice, immigration, legal, livestock, maternal-fetal medicine, medical, mental health, orthodontics, and periodontics, and most recently the technology industry. LinguaOne is located in the South Central, Minnesota region. LinguaOne is registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State.

Professional Language Services

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Professional Translators and Interpreters for Quality Language Services

LinguaOne’s interpreters and translators are highly credentialed and serve in state and federal courts, and national boards such as the International Medical Interpreter Association, Midwest Association of Translators & Interpreters, National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators, National Board of Certified Medical Interpreting, Upper Midwest Translators & Interpreters Association, American Translator’s Association, and Certified Health Interpreters.

LinguaOne’s linguists serve in many facets of the industry such as the United Nations, the United States Department of Defense, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), consulates, and embassies throughout the world. Assignments range from adoption, drug and sex trafficking, diplomacy, robotics, health, education, and much more.

300+ Languages Supported

LinguaOne supports over 300 languages, including languages of lesser diffusion. Languages of lesser diffusion serve many small populations throughout the United States. The linguist support for these languages allows diverse populations to thrive and navigate basic systems while supporting their successful living in the country.

LinguaOne provides scholarships for interpreter training, donations to local charities, and pro bono services.

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