Korean Birth Certificate Translation

For Korean birth certificate translation, choose LinguaOne. We have a network of certified linguists who will translate your Korean birth certificate for official use such as USCIS.

korean birth certificate translation

Korean Birth Certificate Translations

Translate an Korean Birth Certificate to English

A certified translation of your birth certificate is required if you were born in South Korea and need to use your birth certificate for official purposes in the United States, such as applying for a passport, visa, or driver’s license. U.S. immigration services (USCIS) requires birth certificates to be translated into English to be accepted.

To get a Korean birth certificate translated for USCIS, you will need to provide the original document, or a scanned copy or photo and make sure that the translation is done by a translator who can provide a certificate of accuracy.

Our team is made up of professional human translators who are native speakers of the Korean language and are fluent in English. We understand that for legal, academic, and official use, translations must be complete and accurate. We specialize in various types of documents, ensuring that your birth certificates and other essential documents are handled with the utmost care.

For translations intended for official use, which requires certification, we implement stringent quality control measures. Each translation is reviewed to ensure it is a literal word-for-word representation of the original document. Our qualified translators are adept in the specific language pair of Korean and English, meeting all necessary requirements.

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We understand that certain documents, such as those intended for universities, courts, and local, state, and federal governments, may need additional certification. Our certified translations can be notarized if needed, providing an extra layer of authenticity for your documents.

  • Expert Korean Translators: Our translators are not only native speakers but also have extensive experience in various fields, ensuring a deep understanding of the context and nuances of your documents.
  • Complete and Accurate Translations: We strive for precision in every type of translation we undertake. Whether it’s for USCIS applications, academic records, or legal proceedings, we ensure your translations are complete and accurate.
  • Certified and Notarized Translations: We provide certified translations and offer notarization services to meet the specific requirements of USCIS, visa applications, and other governmental entities.
  • Timely and Confidential Service: We value your time and confidentiality. Expect timely delivery of your translations, with a strict adherence to privacy and data protection standards.

Certified Translation


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  • Certification w/ Stamp & Signature
  • Translation by a Professional
  • Express Delivery Available
  • Revisions Included
  • Digital Copy Included
  • Physical Copy (If needed)
  • Notarization Available
  • USCIS Requirements

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