Medical Translation Services

For medical translation services, choose LinguaOne. We’ll translate your healthcare documents from patient records to clinical trials.

Medical Translations

Translate Medical Documents

Our professionals specialize in translating medical documents from and to English for hospitals, healthcare offices, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers.

We ensure that every translation adheres to the specific terminology and language required by doctors and healthcare professionals, eliminating the risk of errors in critical medical documentation. We are able to provide either a certified translation for official use or a general translation depending on your needs. Some of the medical materials we translate are listed below.

  • Medical reports
  • Patient records
  • Clinical trials
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical terminology
  • Medical device packaging & documentation
  • Pharmaceutical documents
  • Medical regulatory documents
  • Clinical studies
  • ECFMG documents
  • Medical diagnosis information
  • Prescription labels

We translate to and from 300+ languages, ensuring accessibility for healthcare providers and patients worldwide. Our team of professional translators is skilled in the precise language and terminology used by doctors, ensuring that every word and text is accurately translated.

With a focus on cost-effective solutions, we offer translation services that support healthcare professionals in delivering high-quality care to patients, regardless of the language barrier. Trust us to translate your medical documentation and contribute to the global healthcare community’s efficiency and safety.

If you need another document type translated, take a look at our list of supported documents. View here.

Certified Translation


per page

  • Certification w/ Stamp & Signature
  • Translation by a Professional
  • Express Delivery Available
  • Revisions Included
  • Digital Copy Included
  • Physical Copy (If needed)
  • Notarization Available
  • USCIS Requirements

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