Vietnamese Birth Certificate Translation

For Vietnamese birth certificate translation, choose LinguaOne. We have a network of certified linguists who will translate your Vietnamese birth certificate for official use such as USCIS.

vietnamese birth certificate translation

Vietnamese Birth Certificate Translations

Translate an Vietnamese Birth Certificate to English

A certified translation of your birth certificate is required if you were born in Vietnam and need to use your birth certificate for official purposes in the United States, such as applying for a passport, visa, or driver’s license. U.S. immigration services (USCIS) requires birth certificates to be translated into English to be accepted.

To get a Vietnamese birth certificate translated for USCIS, you will need to provide the original document, or a scanned copy or photo and make sure that the translation is done by a translator who can provide a certificate of accuracy.

We provide certified document translations of birth certificates translated by native speakers of the Vietnamese language and professional human translators. Our focus is on ensuring that every translation is not just accurate but also adheres to the specific type of translation needed for legal, academic, or official purposes. Whether you are applying for a visa, passport, or dealing with United States Immigration (USCIS), our translations meet all the required standards.

Quality control is at the heart of our service. Each document, including Vietnamese birth certificates, undergoes a thorough review process. Our translators are not only qualified but also experienced in handling various types of documents, ensuring literal word-for-word translation that is both complete and accurate.

Our Vietnamese translators are well-versed in the requirements for documents presented to USCIS and other legal entities. We ensure that each birth certificate translated is certified, and can be notarized if needed. Our certified translations are specifically tailored for use in applications for visas, passports, and other legal processes, ensuring they meet all necessary criteria.

We cater to a wide range of translation needs. Whether you are an individual requiring a translation for USCIS or a company needing professional translations for official use, our service is equipped to handle it. We understand the importance of having a certified and qualified translator for each language pair and document type, including birth certificates for Vietnamese individuals.

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Our commitment is to provide you with professional translation services that are not only reliable but also efficient. We recognize the importance of meeting deadlines and ensuring that each translation, whether it’s for academic, legal, or official use, meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

For a certified, professional Vietnamese translator, look no further. Our team is ready to provide you with the high-quality, certified translations required for USCIS, visas, passports, and more. Get in touch with us today to discuss your Vietnamese birth certificate translation needs.

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  • Certification w/ Stamp & Signature
  • Translation by a Professional
  • Express Delivery Available
  • Revisions Included
  • Digital Copy Included
  • Physical Copy (If needed)
  • Notarization Available
  • USCIS Requirements

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