How to Translate a Birth Certificate

Whether you need to get a birth certificate translated to English from Spanish, from French to English, or any other language combination, just follow the steps below to get your translation started.

How to Get a Birth Certificate Translated

1. Scan or Take a Photo of the Birth Certificate

Whether you use a scanner, a phone camera, or a scanner app, make sure to get a high-quality image of your birth certificate.

Scanners will provide great results with little effort. 

But if you use a phone camera or a scanner app, you can still get quality images by keeping a few important things in mind, including:

  • Lighting – Take photos in a well-lit room to avoid dark images.
  • Focus – Keep your hands steady to avoid shaky or blurry pictures.
  • Angle – Take pictures from directly above the document. 
  • Cropping – Make sure the page fills up the screen to get a big image.
  • Quality – Check the image to verify that all information is readable.

2. Upload Your File

  1. Upload your birth certificate as a .pdf or .jpg file.
  2. Select the source language and the target language.
  3. Enter your name and email.
  4. Click send.

3. Wait up to 1 Business Day for a Free Quote

The cost for one-page documents typically ranges from $60 to $90.

4. Make a Payment

Once you receive your quote, you will be able to pay via credit or debit card.

5. Confirm Your Email and Mailing Address

Choose which email or mailing address you would like to have your translated document sent to.

6. Wait 1-3 Business Days

We typically deliver birth certificate translations in 24 to 72 hours via email, however if you need your document delivered in less than 24 hours, we offer rush translations for a fee of $150.

7. Check Your Email or Mailbox

A PDF copy of your translation will be sent to your email address and a physical copy will be sent to your mailing address if requested.

Both the physical and electronic copies will arrive with a Certificate of Accuracy, which is signed and stamped by the certified translator to confirm that the translation is accurate and complete.

The Certificate of Accuracy is required for immigration document translations to be accepted by the USCIS.

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t translate your own birth certificate.

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